Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Leave it to Beavers

      Maybe I've had a little too much family togetherness and domestic bliss lately. If I read this blog I might think that whoever is writing it uses words like "darn" and sides with Elisabeth Hasselback over Kathy Griffin. Sometimes I freak myself out and worry that I'm becoming a bit June Cleaver.
     But then I drink wine with some rad chicks and feel better. Maybe because the conversation quickly degenerates to a level that assures me I've got a LONG way to go before I reach "Classic TV Mom" status. Or maybe it's just the wine. And I did make food too: Heirloom tomato and roasted red pepper bruschetta.
But in this case the food isn't really the point. I love cooking, but sometimes it freaks me out. Like I'm becoming too wholesome. But then I remind myself that a) I overthink everything, b) food is often paired with alcohol, and c) MY QUEEN Martha Stewart went to jail and there ain't nothing wholesome about THAT.

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