Monday, August 16, 2010

Misadventures in Curry

      Tonight for dinner I made Fruity Curried Chicken with a brown rice pilaf. The curry recipe, which featured apples, pears and cranberries, came from Clean Eating magazine. I improvised the pilaf, toasting the rice with almonds, onions, crushed coriander seeds and cardamom, and then cooking it all in chicken broth. I don't always love fruit in savory dishes, but this one had enough spice and depth of flavour to carry the sweetness.
       If I had to give a tip of the day it would be this: Don't pick your nose while handling jalapenos or other hot peppers. I really thought I had long ago outgrown that habit. Apparenly not so, because after dicing a jalapeno for the curry I had to run to the sink because the inside of my nose was on fire.  But once I recovered and thoroughly washed my hands, dinner turned out great.

p.s. I'm totally kidding about picking my nose while cooking. That's disgusting. I was scratching it.


  1. Whew! Thanks for clarifying the nose job! Was getting concerned about coming over for a delicious meal at your place! Lc

  2. My kitchen is proudly booger-free!